No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

For some people, it seems just about impossible to gain any muscle. You do everything the fitness magazines tell you, take all the supplements, and still can’t gain muscle.

Look, being skinny is probably healthier than being fat, but not by much. Who wants to date you or even look at you if you’re just a bag of bones? I was skinny too once and know how it feels.

Now read the No Nonsense Review…

But you are wrong if you think you will always be skinny and the butt of everyone’s jokes. Even if you have tried to gain weight before and failed, the fact is you can build muscle even if you’re underweight or overweight and have trouble gaining any muscle. Read more »

How to Build Big Trap Muscles

When it comes to the question of how to build big trap muscles the discussion starts and finishes with deadlifts. This incredible mass builder will pack huge slabs of beef on your traps faster than just about any other exercise there is. Just look at powerlifters and you will see that there is simply no way to avoid building big trap muscles when you do a lot of deadlifts. Read more »

How to Build Calves Fast

How to build big calves fast… it’s a question that I pondered for many years as a kid, being born with calves like string beans. After much experimentation, what I finally realized was that high volume works great for calves. They are probably the hardest muscle to build. Just doing a few sets for them never did anything for me. Since I had no desire to train them and preferred to focus on strength, athleticism and bigger compound lifts they stayed that way for years. Read more »

Eating Before Workouts Tips

What should  you be eating before workouts if you want to get rid of body fat?

The answer?


I’ve been saying this for almost a decade now… and research is catching up with the idea.

It’s nice to be right. : )

Several studies now confirm that exercising while your body is low on food may be a good way to trim excess fat. Read more »

How To Lose Body Fat Tips

So many people who want to know how to lose body fat ask questions like these…

  • How can I get rid of my stubborn body fat?
  • How fast can I do it?
  • What’s the best diet plan for me? Read more »

Get Lean By Eating Fast Food

Believe it or not you can get lean by eating fast food.

I know, it sounds crazy… but in a few weeks I’m going to prove it to the world with the release of my newest mini e-book “Fast Food Fitness: How I Dropped 40lbs Eating Fast Food Every Day.”

Do you think I’m joking?  I’m not. Read more »

4 Useless Fat Burning Exercises

Fatburning exercises are good but some are not.  In fact you may be wasting your time with some if you are trying to shape your body or get rid of body fat.

I was in the gym today (nothing new… ; ) and I saw all 4 of these exercises being performed by various gym members (again… nothing new.)

And they are useless for 99% of the people on the planet.

Here they are… Read more »

7 Home Workouts

Home workouts are often necessary because many of you won’t have the equipment, space,or strength to do some exercises in Turbulence Training.

Luckily,  almost every single TT exercise can be substituted by an equally amazing exercise from my repertoire.

So let’s go through a huge list of exercise substitutions. This will be perfect for you to print out and keep with your TT program or in your workout area. Read more »

4 Fat Loss Tips No One Tells You About

If you want to get rid of some weight here are some fat loss tips for you.

FAT LOSS TIP 1: Eat Pizza?

Today I went for some New York-style pizza here in Austin, Texas.

Do I feel ‘guilty’? No way… in fact tomorrow I will feel LEANER.

What? Read more »

Best Workout Ever

Is this the best workout ever? Jon Benson of 7 Minute Muscle reckons so and here is why he thinks so.

When I wrote “7 Minute Muscle” and “7 Minute Body” I thought I was doing the muscle-mass crowd a huge favor.

I was right… and I was wrong.

I was right because the 7MM-style training has put serious muscle shape, tone, and size on people from all ages.

I was WRONG because it did more than just add lean muscle: Read more »

Shorter Workouts For Fat Loss

This is all about why shorter workouts for fat loss and muscle gain are better than longer workouts.

Naturally this freaks a lot of people out.

When they see me they assume I train for hours a day.

Wrong. I work out about 3 hours a week total in the gym when I’m not preparing for a photoshoot. When I am I increase the cardio… that’s it. Read more »